My name's Howard Richardson. I'm a web programmer from the UK and I'm available for freelance work.

I'm attentive and friendly and I enjoy putting great open-source software to work for you. Open-source is good for you, like eating your greens. Hence "code no evil". It's all good!

I work one-on-one with clients. This means you're guaranteed my personal attention and a constant point of contact. Not to mention the fairest rates and lots of free support, even when the project's long finished.

I've been doing what I do in this industry for over twelve years and almost all my clients become repeat customers, so you can trust your work will be in safe hands.

Contao ™
Open-source CMS

Hands-down the best open-source Content Management System out there!

Finding a usable, flexible CMS that I could rely on became an obsession for me. I must have tried about twelve or thirteen different ones until I came across Contao — a German-built simple yet powerful CMS that would let me build to an exact specification, rather than dictating one set way of doing things (you could learn from this, Joomla and Wordpress).

I've now built about fifteen sites on Contao and look forward to building many more, so if you're after a Contao expert or are just looking for a great, usable CMS for your site, please get in touch.

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Custom-built web apps

Building a web application is much more than just programming.

You need to understand visual design, workflow, web standards, server administration, security threats and above all people!

I offer clients the whole package and can build you an on-spec application that will exceed your expectations and keep working beautifully into the future.

I have many years experience in key web technologies such as HTML5, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, responsive design, JQuery and Apache.

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Updating your website

Tweaks, bug fixes, system administration? I can help improve what you already have.

Many times you'll just want something small added to your existing site, like a new graphical element or an additional feature, or maybe just update your server software to the latest secure version.

I am always happy to work with your existing set-up and expand or improve it according to your needs. Just ask me for a free quote!

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Recent projects


Recently redesigned and rebuilt for a rich mobile-compatible experience, City University's award-winning e-learning portal is breaking new ground in academic websites.

The fresh design uses animated sliding, fading and scrolling components to allow students to browse easily without having to wait for pages to reload. I designed everything to respond as immediately as possible, from the search function to the news stories to the topic guides.

Although the content of the site expands to fill a full-width desktop browser, it's been designed to also intelligently collapse down into a single column mobile-friendly layout, with pop-up lightboxes replicating the functionality from the full-size site.

Lawbore incorporates a huge directory of annotated law links, an events calendar, a live carousel of the latest library books, links to online databases and e-journals, and a popular careers blog - all tied together with popular social networking features.

Project type: Large-scale custom-built PHP & MySQL application. Makes use of JQuery, AJAX and Smarty.

Daniel Whittle, copywriter

An eye-catching single-page site for a popular freelance writer.

Given the concept of buzzword-free writing, I came up with this visually arresting motif and slogan to get Daniel's point across.

The page has three sub-panels which slide smoothly about when you click on simple navigation links, revealing greater details about his work and the commissioning process.

The result is a funky and professional looking site which has already dramatically increased the volume of web-driven business coming Daniel's way.

Project type: Small-scale site with bespoke visual marketing concept.


Little Venice Partners

A responsive mobile and tablet-ready website built on Contao CMS.

Working with London-based design firm RMA Design from their designs, I programmed this business-focused website to cater for browsers of all makes, shapes and sizes. It looks and works great on ipad, iphones, desktops and laptops alike, with all the features intact across all platforms. Try slowly resizing your browser down until it's tiny to see what I mean.

The site uses the popular Zurb Foundation framework to work its mobile-resizing magic, and Contao CMS to make building pages and collecting subscribers a breeze.

Project-type:  Mobile and tablet-responsive custom Contao installation.